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The female trio L.E.J. recently gained recognition by covering the hits of the summer of 2015 in a mash-up video titled “Summer 2015.” The video, featuring 11 pieces – including songs by Rihanna, Stromae and Pharrell Williams scored for three voices, cello and percussion – immediately boosted their recognition as the Web went wild. The three classically trained singers have solid vocal technique and highly musical senses. At only 23 years old, they are already adept at exploring a wide range of styles – from pop to blues – with obvious talent.

Lucie, Elisa and Juliette (L.E.J.) are three childhood friends who share a passion for music and who all received classical training: at the conservatory for Juliette, who studied the cello, and with the Radio France choir school for the other two. When the trio won a competition to perform backup vocals for the band Tryo in 2013, the audience was captivated by their sense of harmony. Then things really took off: their videos of remakes posted on the Internet were viewed by millions, and they are working on an album and a tour slated for 2016 (already nearly sold out). L.E.J. grew up in Seine Saint-Denis in a diverse area, and their goal is to express that diversity in song. You are invited to explore their wide-ranging musical influences, from Bach to The Black Eyed Peas.


L.E.J. in a few words

L.E.J. are the initials of Lucie, Elisa and Juliette. These three childhood friends, all born in 1993, grew up in the Paris suburb of Saint Denis and studied classical music at school.

While Juliette took cello classes at the Conservatoire de Saint-Denis on a flexible schedule, the other two (Lucie and Elisa) studied at the Maîtrise de Radio France (choir school), where they acquired a solid foundation in music theory and vocal technique.

After winning the “Tryo vocals” competition in 2013 with a remake of one of the band’s hits, they remained in the public eye by serving as the opening act for concerts by such artists as Flavia Coelho, Faada Freddy and Grand-Corps Malade, or by contributing vocals to the Nina Simone tribute album, Autour de Nina.

At the same time, their cover versions of Stromae, NTM and Moriarty in videos posted on the Internet revealed their unique musical realm, comprising elements borrowed from classical music – particularly their use of harmony – and encompassing a wide range of musical styles.

These videos garnered a great deal of attention. The “Summer 2015 mash-up by L.E.J., reviving the summer’s biggest hits, marks a major milestone. The video, shot on Lacanau beach, was viewed 100,000 times in fewer than three days, reaching a total of 41 million views in January 2016, nearly six months later. They are disarmingly natural in the video, which includes 11 pieces reinterpreted with astonishing ease.

The trio mastered the art of the cover version at the age of 22. Their first album, En attendant l’album (Mercury - Universal Music France), released in December 2015, is a compilation of the medleys that first revealed them to the public and their first orignal composition " La dalle" , while the latter was “waiting for the album” of original compositions slated for the spring of 2016.


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